Girls race

Results 2022

A FINAL St Mary’s over Holy Rosary by 7.516 seconds
B FINAL St Stithian’s over Somerset by 1 minute 15.055 seconds
C FINAL Clarendon over PGRC by 55.750 seconds
D FINAL St Andrew’s over Assumption by 40.281 seconds
E FINAL Germiston over Madiba-a-Toloane by 6 minutes 24.929 seconds
F FINAL Mbukamuzi over Thabang by 3 minutes 23.273 seconds
SPARES FINAL Inland over Coastal by 29.502 seconds

Girls' Quad Race

The Boat Race became so popular, so quickly, that soon there was pressure to introduce a similar event for girls’ schools, but since girls in South Africa did not row sweep-oar events, a Quad Race was introduced in 2001.

It remains an important goal for SASRU one day to introduce Girls’ Eights. As a first step toward this goal, “coxless pairs” events for girls were introduced into South African regattas in 2004. We hope that before many years elapse there will be a proper Boat Race for girls – in eights!!!

Trophies are presented to the winning crew and the runners-up in the A-final. Gold, silver and bronze medals are presented to the three top-placed crews.

Placing 2019 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
1st St Mary’s St Mary’s St Mary’s
2nd St Andrew’s St Stithians Holy Rosary
3rd St Stithians Holy Rosary St Stithians
4th Clarendon St Andrew’s Somerset
5th Holy Rosary Somerset Clarendon
6th Assumption Clarendon PGRC
7th Somerset Umtata St Andrews
8th PGRC Champions Assumption
9th Germiston Germiston
10th SAJCRA Madiba-a-Toloane
11th Mbukamuzi
12t Thabang
Placing 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
1st St Andrews D.S.G. St Marys St Andrews St Mary's St Mary's St Mary's St Mary's St Mary's
2nd D.S.G. St Andrew's St Stithians St Marys Holy Rosary St Andrew's St Andrew's St Andrew's St Andrew's
3rd St Stithians St Marys St Andrews Claredon St Andrew's Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St Andrew's St Andrew's
4th St Marys St Stithians Claredon Holy Rosary St Stithians St Stithians St Stithians Holy Rosary Holy Rosary
5th Holy Rosary Clarendon Holy Rosary St Stithians Clarendon Chisipite Somerset Somerset Clarendon
6th Clarendon St Dunstans Somerset Assumption St Dunstan's Clarendon Chisipite Clarendon St Dunstan's
7th Holy Rosary DSG DSG Somerset St Dunstans Claredon St Dunstan's Assumption
8th Somerset St Dunstan's Springfield DSG Germiston Germiston Germiston Somerset
9th Germiston Bishop Bavin PGRC
10th Germiston
Placing 2001 20021 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2008
1st St Marys St Marys St Marys St Stithians St Andrews St Stithians St Marys St Marys St Marys
2nd St Stithians Clarendon St Stithians Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St Mary's Holy Rosary St Andrews St Andrews
3rd Somerset Springfield Springfield St Mary's St Mary's Holy Rosary St Stithians St Stithians Holy Rosary
4th Springfield Collegiate Holy Rosary Springfield Springfield Clarendon St Andrews Holy Rosary D.S.G.
5th Holy Rosary Heritage, Zim Peterhouse, Zim D.S.G. St Stithians St Andrews Clarendon Clarendon St Stithians
6th St Marys B Somerset Clarendon Clarendon Somerset D.S.G. D.S.G. Bishop Bavin
7th Somerset Clarendon
8th Somerset
9th Assumption

Notes: 1 - Held in cape Town

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