boat race objectives

Next boat race

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December 2024

(24th Schools Boat Race)


Objectives of the SASRU Schools Boat Race

The primary object of the Schools Boat Race is to give full effect to the “Challenge” as set out above. An important – but secondary – object is to stimulate greater interest in rowing in the various provinces and in South Africa generally, through advertising the Boat Race in the local media and securing radio, press, TV coverage etc. (And we might find that many other schools start showing an interest in rowing – and in eights!)

Another important – but, again, secondary – object is to assist the various provinces in gaining sponsorship for rowing. [If the Boat Race can be turned into a really important event on the SA Schools’ sporting calendar, necessary finance for schools’ rowing should be increasingly less difficult to obtain.]

Boat Race Management

An Annual Meeting of participating rowing schools shall take place at the time and at the venue of the annual Boat Race.

Each participating school shall be entitled to two voting members at the Annual Meeting.

The purpose of the AGM shall be to take decisions on all issues relating to the operation of the Boat Race:

  • confirming the host province and venue for the following year
  • selection of an Organiser of the following year’s Boat Race from the host province, etc.
  • The primary tasks of the Organiser for that particular year shall be:
  • to put together a committee from the host province to host visiting crews and coaches – including the provision of accommodation and meals.
  • to put together a committee from the host province to advertise and market the Boat Race in the local media and secure all possible sponsorships (with, it is suggested, 50% of any profits accruing to the host and 50% to SASRU to assist in the establishment of new SA school rowing clubs).
  • to ensure that the proposed rowing course for the Boat Race is secured for the required dates of racing and suitably prepared and that there are sufficient officials, umpires, time-keepers, umpires-launches etc organised for the day(s) of the race.
  • to provide nine “gold”  Boat Race medals for the crew winning the A-Final and; nine “silver”  Boat Race medals for the runners-up in the A-Final and nine “bronze” B Boat Race medals for the winners of the B-Final as well as appropriate trophies.
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